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We deliver the finest organic & local goods.

Every month, members discover 6-8 artisan crafted products, always with an ~$80 value. From delicious snacks to amazing body products, Prospurly has been rated the #1 subscription box for small-batch goods.

We're inspired by Epicurean thought.

"Epicurean" is often used to describe expensive, lavish foods and lifestyles. In reality, true epicureanism is based in something quite different.

Epicurus was a Greek philosopher born in 341 BC. While none of his works survive today, his followers have passed along his ideas for centuries. Epicurus believed that while we often think we know what we need to be happy (having lots of money and buying lots of things), we're often wrong. These material things rarely keep us happy, and in fact, can be distracting. Instead, we should focus on living an analyzed life that provides us freedom and with ample time to spend with our loved ones .

We're inspired by Epicurus' ideas, and we've distilled them into Prospurly: good food, incredible gifts to share with good friends, and inspiring tools to grow positive thought. We hope every delivery of Prospurly brings a bit more happiness to you.

We've got standards:

Organic & Sustainable

Our standards start with conscious products. We exclusively source organic, fair trade, and ethical goods.


We work hand in hand with artisan crafters around the country, choosing only the finest handmade goods.

Thoughtful & Inspiring

We carefully select inspiring tools for your creativity. Every box is guaranteed to contain a unique and exciting journey.

Investing in the Future

We contribute 2% of net profit. To date, we've planted over 20,000 trees and contributed to nearly a half dozen causes.

More about Us:

Prospurly was born from the idea that pursuing a happy, healthy life should be fun and easy for everyone.

It started as an idea.

Prospurly started as a simple idea: a positive reminder every month can really change the way you think and the quality of your life.  Spiritual, personal, and communal success can sometimes be just an positive attitude away from reality.

This idea drives Prospurly, and each box is carefully crafted to encourage positive, healthy living. We have a serious commitment to quality.

A Holistic Approach

Inside Prospurly, we take a holistic approach to happiness. First, we start with great foods; then, we add revitalizing bath & body essentials; finally, we include a game, gift, or treat to share with friends – perfect for a night with friends.

Boxes are delivered once a month, and shipped using USPS and their growing clean fleet of electric vehicles. We take the utmost care in getting boxes delivered promptly and in perfect condition.

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